Buying An Old Home? Have An HVAC Contractor Look It Over


Buying an older home has its perks. Often, these homes have unique characteristics that you just don't find in modern homes. Many of them were also built to last, although there are definitely some repairs needed along the way. Before you do buy an older home, it is important to have professionals look over its structure and its systems. This way, you can identify potential problems and decide, before you buy, whether they are problems you are willing to deal with. An HVAC contractor is one person who should look over an older home before you buy it. Here are the key things to ask them about.

How old is the current equipment, and will it need to be replaced soon? 

The home may have older HVAC equipment, or the equipment may have been replaced recently. An HVAC contractor can tell you whether the home will need a new furnace in the next year or two, or whether you're set for another decade. This may affect how much you're willing to offer for the home. 

If there's no AC, what would be the best way to add it?

Many older homes were not built to accommodate air conditioning. If the home still does not have AC, ask the HVAC contractor whether adding AC would be an option. You may not be able to go with a standard ducted system, and may instead need to install ductless mini splits or the like. Make sure you are comfortable with the type of air conditioning the home can reasonably accommodate.

Will efficiency be an issue?

Even if the home has a relatively new HVAC system, it may be hard to run it efficiently if the home lacks insulation, or if there's no way to locate the HVAC equipment near the main duct. Ask the HVAC contractor if there are changes you can make to the home to improve efficiency, and make sure those changes are ones you are comfortable making, from both a financial and a time perspective. For example, if the home does not have any insulation in the walls, it will cost a small fortune to heat, but adding insulation to the walls can be costly, too. Make sure you're prepared before buying a home that will require this level of work.

If you want to buy an older home, have an HVAC contractor look it over first. They'll give you a better idea of what's possible and what work you can expect.

Contact an HVAC company to learn more. 


31 March 2023

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