How To Know If Your Air Conditioner Was Improperly Installed


Investing in an air conditioner during the hot season can be a relief. However, many homeowners make the mistake of DIY AC installation. Failing to hire professionals who offer air conditioning services to install your AC can result in multiple costly repairs. Here are some signs that your AC system was improperly installed. 

Loud Sounds

One of the obvious signs of improper air conditioner installation is loud sounds. Your air conditioner's outdoor condenser should be positioned on a concrete pad. The pad should be level and accommodate the four legs of the AC unit.

The condenser will wobble, shake, and vibrate if not on level ground. As a result, it will get off-balance. These loud sounds and vibrations can accelerate wear and tear on sensors, wiring, and mechanical parts. Another cause for loud sounds is if the air conditioner's moving parts are improperly tightened or lubricated.

High Energy Costs and Poor Air Circulation

If you choose the wrong AC system size, it will work harder to cool the air. This will increase your energy costs. A proper AC system installation takes into consideration the size of your home, building materials, and how your internal spaces are used.

Additionally, if the refrigeration piping is the wrong size, you will experience air conditioning efficiency issues. It is equally crucial for your drain pipes to be clear for an unobstructed exit. You should also ensure sufficient mechanical ventilation.

Water Leaks

It is usual for condensation to occur when the AC unit is running. The water needs to be diverted somewhere. If you notice that your air conditioner is leaking or there's a pool of water next to the unit, this is a sign of wrong AC system installation. You may notice water near the outdoor unit or indoor air handler. This may happen if the condenser pans aren't level. 

Poor Refrigerant Charge

The AC unit will have energy efficiency and performance issues when there is improper charging of the refrigerant. When there is too little refrigerant, the system won't cool sufficiently. Also, the AC unit will not dehumidify your home adequately. Similarly, if there is too much refrigerant, there will be excess pressure in the AC system. This could damage the air conditioner's compressor.

Electrical Issues

Another sign that your AC system was wrongly installed is if you smell plastic burning when the AC unit is running. You should turn off the unit immediately and contact an HVAC professional. The probable cause of this issue is loose electrical components. This is a dangerous situation, especially if your AC system leaks water in your home. There is a high risk of electrocution and fire outbreaks.

Reach out to an AC servicing contractor to learn more.


4 January 2023

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