Is Air Conditioner Installation Costly? Factors That Determine Rates


A few decades ago, most people considered an air conditioning unit a luxury. Things have changed lately because the summers keep getting hotter, making an air conditioner a necessity for most families.  If you intend to get a cooling system, you probably know about the importance of investing in an AC system. But how much will you pay for air conditioning installation? The costs vary depending on the residence size, AC unit brand, and more.

20 January 2023

How To Know If Your Air Conditioner Was Improperly Installed


Investing in an air conditioner during the hot season can be a relief. However, many homeowners make the mistake of DIY AC installation. Failing to hire professionals who offer air conditioning services to install your AC can result in multiple costly repairs. Here are some signs that your AC system was improperly installed.  Loud Sounds One of the obvious signs of improper air conditioner installation is loud sounds. Your air conditioner's outdoor condenser should be positioned on a concrete pad.

4 January 2023