What Should You Do If Your Central A/C Unit Is Flooded?


In many parts of Canada, flooding is a surprisingly common occurrence that often has a tremendous impact on livelihoods and property. In the aftermath of a flood, chances are you're focused on salvaging and even resurrecting certain appliances and equipment, including your central air conditioning unit. Here's some advice on how you can figure out whether your central A/C system can be repaired or if it requires replacement. Can It Be Repaired?

1 September 2015

Swamp Coolers VS Central Air Conditioning


Swamp coolers and central air conditioning are both potentially great ways to keep your home cool during the hottest months of the summer time.  However, you shouldn't think that central air condition and swamp coolers are created equally. Just because they are both cooling solutions does not mean that they are in any way the same. In fact, they almost couldn't be more different from one another. What Both Central Air and Swamp Coolers Should Do

5 January 2015