Causes Of A Noisy Furnace


Unless you use a furnace with old technology, you shouldn't have to deal with loud noises. Modern furnaces boast quiet operation, which is quite commendable. Unfortunately, these modern furnaces may become noisy, especially if they have a problem. Here are possible reasons your furnace is loud. Dirty Air Filters Your furnace will get louder as the filters become dirty. But how do filters affect your furnace's operation? Well, clogged filters restrict the airflow.

28 September 2022

3 Questions to Determine If You Should Replace Your Furnace and AC Together


Furnaces and air conditioners theoretically have similar lifespans, with both lasting somewhere between a decade or two. If you installed your current equipment simultaneously or still use your home's original equipment, you'd probably expect both to fail around the same time. However, many factors can influence the overall condition of HVAC equipment. Unfortunately, this uncertainty can leave you with a big question when one of these two items fails: should you replace the other one, even if it's still working fine?

12 September 2022

Wondering Why Your AC Is Underperforming? 4 Possible Causes


When your AC is running but not cooling effectively, your indoors become hot and stuffy, causing discomfort and inconvenience. By failing to attain the thermostat setting, your unit fails, consequently overworking as it tries to keep your home cool and comfortable. This strenuous effort results in some components malfunctioning and your unit consuming more energy than is optimal. The following are four reasons your AC might be underperforming: You Need to Clean the Filters

23 August 2022

4 Signs That You Need to Replace Your AC Unit


A well-functioning AC is vital in hot and humid areas to help overcome the scorching heat. However, your AC may start acting up at a time when you need it direly, resulting in an unbearable indoor atmosphere. Thus, you need to engage an AC technician for a system diagnostic call out to assess, detect, and repair the underlying malfunction. If damage to the system is extensive or the unit is irreparable, they are likely to suggest a replacement.

2 August 2022

Common Oven Or Range Problems And What To Do About It


Do you have an oven or range in your kitchen that is no longer getting the job done? If you've had trouble putting dinner together because something is not working properly or not working at all, here are some of the most common oven and range problems you might want to look into to see if you need to order replacement parts. Remove Debris From the Burner Base to Get the Range Burning Hot Again

12 July 2022

5 Reasons To Hire Professional Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services


When your commercial refrigerator breaks down, it can be a major inconvenience. Not only will you likely lose business as a result of the downtime, but you may also have to throw away perishable food items. This could end up costing you quite a bit of money. Rather than trying to repair the fridge yourself, it's often best to hire a professional commercial refrigeration repair service. Here are five reasons why.

21 June 2022

What You Should Know About Hiring A Professional To Repair Your Electric Furnace


If you need to have your electric furnace repaired, then you might be looking for a little more advice, information, and insight about having these repairs done. After all, even though you might use your electric furnace every day in the winter to keep your home and family warm, you might not know much at all about having repairs done on your furnace. These are all things that you should know about professional electric furnace repair as someone who has this type of heating system in your home.

27 May 2022

Key Places To Check For Plumbing Leaks


All too often, homeowners do not realize that they have a plumbing leak until water is gushing all over the place or forming puddles on the floor. Sometimes, this type of plumbing emergency is unavoidable. However, it is often possible to detect leaks before they reach this stage if you simply know where to look. Here are some of the key places to check for small plumbing leaks that can later become a major threat.

5 May 2022

AC Repairs That Might Be Needed Due To A Problem With The Evaporator Coil


If your air conditioner isn't cooling the air in your home, the evaporator coil might be to blame. The coil can develop some problems that limit its ability to cool your air. One of these problems is when the coil ices over. Here's a look at issues that affect the evaporator coil in your air handler and the types of AC repairs that might be needed. Evaporator Coil Problems The evaporator coil might malfunction or ice over when it is covered in dirt or corrosion.

12 April 2022

3 Common Plumbing Contractors You Can Contact When You Have Issues With Your System


Plumbing is an essential service that every residential and commercial building owner needs to live comfortably. Without it, your toilets, sinks, bathrooms, and kitchens won't be efficient. What most people don't know is that plumbing contractors have specializations. So, if you have an issue with your septic tank, drainage system, or water system, you should know which contractor to hire. This article outlines three common plumbing professionals you can contact when you have issues.

18 March 2022