Is Air Conditioner Installation Costly? Factors That Determine Rates


A few decades ago, most people considered an air conditioning unit a luxury. Things have changed lately because the summers keep getting hotter, making an air conditioner a necessity for most families. 

If you intend to get a cooling system, you probably know about the importance of investing in an AC system. But how much will you pay for air conditioning installation? The costs vary depending on the residence size, AC unit brand, and more. Keep reading to learn how these factors affect prices so you can set aside enough funds for the project.

Replacement or New Cooling System

The expenses you will incur to install a new AC unit cannot be compared to a replacement. If you are replacing an old or outdated unit, the technician will only need to ensure the duct system is functional (if it's a central air conditioning unit) and install the air conditioner. However, the process will be longer if an AC system is installed for the first time. This will extend the installation time and scope of work, increasing costs.

Type of Air Conditioner

Air conditioning systems come in different forms, and their price and installation process may vary depending on the AC unit type. For instance, the cost of getting a central air conditioner will not be the same as a ductless AC unit. So, when the installation professionals draft a quotation, they will consider the type of system to set the installation costs.

The HVAC Company You Pick

The companies that install air conditioners charge different rates for each project. Even if you provide the exact same details to several companies, their service rates will differ. So, consider getting several quotations from reliable HVAC providers in your area and choose the company that offers high-quality service at a reasonable price. Check if they have the technical expertise, experience, and outstanding customer service.

Also, ensure you ask for discounts, if they have any, to lessen the installation costs. Don't forget to ask if their service is guaranteed. This way, if anything happens shortly after installation, they will fix the problem without charging extra money.

Square Footage to Cover

The size of the house will also determine the installation expenses. First, it will affect the size of the AC system and the materials you will need to facilitate the installation. For a larger space, you will need a bigger AC unit and more materials, increasing the costs. 

Also, more professionals will be required to mount a large AC system. The good news is that after the installation, the entire house will be more comfortable when it gets hot outdoors.

For more information about air conditioning installation, contact a local company.


20 January 2023

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