What Can You Do When The Fan Motor Of Your Furnace Keeps Running Constantly?


The furnace might seem like an intricate system to understand. However, its operations are simple once you understand the components and their functions. For instance, the fan is a crucial component to the operation of your furnace because it blows the heated air into the ducts for distribution into the room. In addition, a furnace cycles between heating and resting. Hence, your system might have an issue if the fan motor doesn't stop running when the system isn't heating. Here are some reasons this component might run continuously and ideal ways to resolve the problem. 

Glitches With the Electrical Safeguards

Your furnace has safeguard measures that determine how it runs. Given this, some units have a draft temperature switch to ensure the exhaust pipe doesn't clog. In addition, the switch resets itself when the temperature goes down. So, if it malfunctions, the fan motor will keep running. You should also check the thermal limit switch if you are experiencing problems with your fan. Note that it prevents the heat exchanger from overheating, and its malfunction trips the rest of the system. Alternatively, if your unit runs on propane, it might have a low gas pressure switch to alert you when the pressure goes down. However, if you reset these switches and the fan doesn't stop blowing non-stop, it is time to call a technician. 

Issues With the Temperature Regulator

The thermostat determines whether the home is warm and comfortable and then communicates with the furnace. So, if the thermostat is functional, it will give correct signals to the system. As such, the fan motor will stop working when it is not needed. However, when the thermostat malfunctions, the motor will keep running. So, get an HVAC technician to assess your temperature control system and ensure it hasn't failed, so you can avoid system complications. Moreover, they will recommend a replacement if repairs cannot restore the system's function.

Hitches With the Fan Limit Control

You should also check the fan limit switch system and ensure it isn't the source of your motor problems. For example, if the bimetal wears out, it might sense higher temperatures than the available setting. As such, the system blower will continue to run, but the gas will get turned off. Note that the glitch could occur due to other intricate parts of the fan limit control that only a technician can assess and resolve.

Contacting a professional as soon as your system starts acting up is the ideal way to handle a furnace whose blower runs constantly. The HVAC contractor understands these systems best and will take the shortest time possible to troubleshoot and fix faulty parts.

Contact a local HVAC company to learn more. 


29 November 2022

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