4 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing A New AC


The air conditioner is a fairly complex machine that depends on several components to function properly. As such, if there's a mistake made while installing the AC non-professionally, it can undermine the AC's performance. This may result in an uncomfortable indoor atmosphere while the unit's efficiency reduces considerably.

Since numerous potential pitfalls can affect the unit's performance, efficiency and safety, you should engage an AC professional when considering a new unit. They will assist you in selecting and installing your new system to facilitate a long and reliable service life. Below are some missteps to avoid when installing your new AC:

An Improperly-Sized System

Every AC has a cooling capacity suitable for a specific area. Thus, if you install an improperly sized unit, it will inevitably malfunction. In particular, an oversized unit will short cycle, adding strain to the compressor. On the other hand, a unit that is too small for your home will constantly run in an effort to cool your house. In any case, improperly sized systems break down more often, shortening their lifespan. Therefore, you need to contact an AC contractor to perform a load calculation for a unit fit for your household's cooling needs.

Incorrect Outdoor Unit Placement

The condenser is necessary for expelling heat to your home's exterior. Accordingly, you should install it in an area without direct sunlight exposure. This is because heat increases the compressor's workload, causing heat retention. In addition, you should elevate the outdoor unit and provide an adequate allowance for ventilation. This will prevent outdoor elements from infiltrating the AC, consequently causing damage to the components. The condenser unit's placement should also be in an accessible spot to ease service checks.

Failure To Consider the Refrigerant Type

It is crucial that you consider the refrigerant type when having your AC installed. This is because some coolants, such as the R630, can be toxic when you inhale them for a long time. Additionally, the government is phasing out certain refrigerants, such as the R22, because of their ozone-depleting capabilities that affect climate adversely. Besides this, you should install the specific coolant designed for your AC unit. This is because the wrong coolant can reduce efficiency and cause premature failure.

A Wrong Choice of Installer

If your AC is installed inexpertly, vital steps may be inadvertently skipped, compromising the unit's operation. Thus, the system works harder, making it prone to malfunctions. It is, therefore, essential that you hire an AC expert to install your new unit. They will utilize specialized equipment and ensure the system's optimal running conditions. Moreover, they level out the indoor and outdoor components and secure all connections to prevent leaks.

Air conditioning errors can wreak havoc on your system and necessitate an untimely replacement. Accordingly, you should book an appointment with an AC installation contractor to help you choose and install your new unit. 


17 October 2022

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