Wondering Why Your AC Is Underperforming? 4 Possible Causes


When your AC is running but not cooling effectively, your indoors become hot and stuffy, causing discomfort and inconvenience. By failing to attain the thermostat setting, your unit fails, consequently overworking as it tries to keep your home cool and comfortable. This strenuous effort results in some components malfunctioning and your unit consuming more energy than is optimal. The following are four reasons your AC might be underperforming:

You Need to Clean the Filters

The appliance's filter typically traps pollen, dust, debris, allergens, and other particulates in the air. However, these filters may clog due to constant usage. As a result, airflow in the unit is inhibited, and contaminants find their way into the system. Additionally, as your unit works much harder to draw an adequate amount of airflow for cooling, it consumes more energy, resulting in high electricity bills. Clogged filters may also cause premature system failure due to other components malfunctioning. The HVAC service technician will clean or replace the filters.

You Need to Refill the Freon

Refrigerant sets a crucial link between the indoor and outdoor components by absorbing the heat in the coils and emitting it outdoors. However, the refrigerant lines may degrade or disconnect due to vibrations and age-related deterioration, leaking the coolant. This causes the AC to circulate low refrigerant, failing to dissipate heat effectively from the air and reducing the unit's cooling power. Contact an AC professional to inspect for leaks in the refrigerant lines, patch them, and recharge the coolant for optimal cooling capacity.

The Fan Needs Repairs

The condenser fan blows air through the coils to convert the hot coolant gas into a liquid. However, since the condenser unit is located outdoors, it is prone to damage. For example, when plant matter, debris, or stones enter the system, they can dislodge the fan motor, bending the fan blades, which may then scrape against the casing as it attempts to rotate. The HVAC repair specialist can clear the condenser unit of foreign elements to prevent overheating.

You Have a System Failure

Your AC may fail to start due to dead thermostat batteries, a circuit break, or a tripping float switch. For instance, if there is a power surge or short-circuit, the AC may trigger the circuit breaker to prevent further damage to other components. Alternatively, the float switch might trip to prevent more water from overflowing when the drain pan is full.

Preventative maintenance is necessary to keep your unit in good working order. Therefore, you should engage an HVAC service expert to maintain your unit regularly to prevent costly repairs or replacements. 

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23 August 2022

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