4 Signs That You Need to Replace Your AC Unit


A well-functioning AC is vital in hot and humid areas to help overcome the scorching heat. However, your AC may start acting up at a time when you need it direly, resulting in an unbearable indoor atmosphere. Thus, you need to engage an AC technician for a system diagnostic call out to assess, detect, and repair the underlying malfunction. If damage to the system is extensive or the unit is irreparable, they are likely to suggest a replacement. The following are signs that you need to replace your air conditioner:

Inconsistent Temperatures

If you notice that the temperatures in your home vary from room to room, your unit could be due for replacement. Over time, the AC wears out, degrading components such as evaporator coils, which may consequently leak the coolant. Gradually, as the refrigerant escapes from its lines, you experience a limited airflow from the vents. Moreover, ducts may bend or collapse, and the fan motor may break down, impeding air distribution throughout your home. Therefore, you should hire an AC expert to install a new unit that delivers consistent cooling in your house.

Frequent Repairs

Your air conditioner may break down frequently if the end of its service life is approaching. This is because normal wear and tear build up gradually during the AC's lifespan, making the components vulnerable to frequent breakdowns. As a result, you incur more expenses from increasingly costly repairs. As a rule of thumb, it is prudent to consider a replacement if repair costs exceed half the cost of a new unit. In such a case, contact an AC contractor for your appliance replacement, sparing yourself hassle and expenses.

Foul Smells

An AC should typically release clean and neutral-smelling air. Therefore, if an odor emanates from your AC, it could be time to purchase a new unit. For instance, musty smells indicate the growth of mold in the drip pan or evaporator coils, while the smell of stinky socks points to clogged and used-up air filters. Furthermore, these smells may signify the imminent breakdown of a core component, such as an overheating motor, which produces a burning smell before burnout.

High Energy Bills

If your cooling costs suddenly spike without a corresponding increase in the AC's use, your unit could be due for replacement. This spike is due to the AC wearing out, causing the parts to strain in delivering consistent cooling throughout your home. Consequently, your system uses more energy, increasing your electric bills. Therefore, you should hire an air conditioning professional to replace your inefficient unit and help you save on energy costs by replacing it with an energy star certified AC.

Upgrading to a new AC unit saves you time and money that would otherwise go into trying to sustain an aging, inefficient unit. Engage an air conditioning installation service to install a new system for peak performance in cooling your home.


2 August 2022

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