Common Oven Or Range Problems And What To Do About It


Do you have an oven or range in your kitchen that is no longer getting the job done? If you've had trouble putting dinner together because something is not working properly or not working at all, here are some of the most common oven and range problems you might want to look into to see if you need to order replacement parts.

Remove Debris From the Burner Base to Get the Range Burning Hot Again

Have you ever turned on your gas burner and heard a clicking noise but no flame actually comes out of the burner? This could mean there are food crumbs or other debris blocking the gas from getting through and creating the flame you need to cook your next meal. Disconnect the gas and then disassemble the burner. Use a vinegar and water mix to clean out the burner holes and then let it dry before you reassemble and try to turn the gas on again. Get into the habit of periodically cleaning the burner in this way so you don't have a build up of debris cause a problem for you in the future.

Check the Gas Line and Power Source or Install a New Pilot Light If You Aren't Getting Anything at All

Did you turn your burner on but you aren't getting a flame or even any clicking noises? Is the oven not igniting when you turn it on to bake something? "Make sure it's plugged in" is a troubleshooting tip that some people roll their eyes at, but with your range and oven there could be a couple different things that you need to check along these lines. First, yes, you will want to check and make sure the appliance is actually connected to power. But beyond that, you also need to make sure that the gas line is properly hooked up and that someone hasn't accidentally bumped a shut off valve that is preventing gas from getting to the appliance. If you have power and gas connected but still aren't getting any kind of ignition, check the pilot light if you have an appliance that makes use of one. If the pilot light won't re-ignite or stay on no matter what you do, talk to an expert about possible replacement parts to fix this.

Replace the Oven's Heating Element If It's No Longer Getting the Job Done or Staying at the Right Temperature

Your oven turns on or ignites just fine but maybe it's not getting quite as hot as it's supposed to. If you are following baking instructions to the letter but things are coming out half-baked, your oven's heating element might need replaced. 

Contact a provider of oven and range replacement parts, including Southbend Range replacement parts, today to discuss your needs.  


12 July 2022

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