Key Places To Check For Plumbing Leaks


All too often, homeowners do not realize that they have a plumbing leak until water is gushing all over the place or forming puddles on the floor. Sometimes, this type of plumbing emergency is unavoidable. However, it is often possible to detect leaks before they reach this stage if you simply know where to look. Here are some of the key places to check for small plumbing leaks that can later become a major threat.

Hot water heater connections

The connection between your cold water pipes and hot water heater is an easy one to check for leaks. So is the connection between your water heater and the hot water pipes. Both of these connections are prone to leaks because the pipes fluctuate in temperature so much, which can cause the pipes to loosen and become leaky at the joints. If you notice drips of water on or around any of these connections, you can try tightening the connections yourself using a pipe wrench. If that does not work, call a plumber. They may need to undo the connections, apply some more teflon tape, and then put the pipes back together.

PEX connections

If you have PEX pipes, then you'll want to go down into your basement and look at any exposed connections. There are usually only a few connections with PEX pipes since the PEX is flexible. These connections are where the PEX is most likely to leak. It can be hard to see drops of water on the colored PEX, so feel them with your hands to make sure they are not damp. Luckily, if one of your PEX connections is leaking, a plumber can generally fix it by simply removing the metal fastener and crimping a new one into place.

Pipes on exterior walls

If you have any pipes that run along exterior walls, look them over carefully. Are there drops of water pooling anywhere? Do you notice any cracks or little indents in the pipes? Pipes on exterior walls are more likely to freeze in the winter. Even if the pipes do not freeze fully, they can experience wear and develop leaks and cracks as a result. A plumber can come replace the damaged section of pipe and also insulate the rest of the pipe so you don't end up with a massive leak.

When you know the right areas to check, it's usually possible to take care of leaks when they are tiny. Look into plumbing services near you for more information.


5 May 2022

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