AC Repairs That Might Be Needed Due To A Problem With The Evaporator Coil


If your air conditioner isn't cooling the air in your home, the evaporator coil might be to blame. The coil can develop some problems that limit its ability to cool your air. One of these problems is when the coil ices over. Here's a look at issues that affect the evaporator coil in your air handler and the types of AC repairs that might be needed.

Evaporator Coil Problems

The evaporator coil might malfunction or ice over when it is covered in dirt or corrosion. This can happen if you forget annual maintenance that includes cleaning the evaporator coil. The coil can malfunction due to restricted airflow too. This might happen when the filter is clogged up with dust.

Other problems are more serious. If the coil develops a hole, refrigerant will leak out. Holes can develop in the evaporator coil due to a chemical reaction between the wet copper coil and volatile organic compounds that are released in your home. Mold might also cause the copper lines to pit and develop tiny pinholes.

Evaporator Coil Repairs

The AC repair needed for an evaporator coil can be simple sometimes. Cleaning the filter or cleaning the coils might be all that's needed. However, if the problem is a hole or several tiny pinholes, then the situation is more serious. If refrigerant is leaking out of the coil, repairs need to be done as soon as possible since you don't want refrigerant leaking inside your home.

Your AC repair contractor will discuss possible options for repairs. These might include patching the coil, replacing the coil, replacing both the evaporator and condenser coil, replacing the entire air handler, or replacing the entire air conditioner.

The reason there are so many options is that the evaporator coil is an expensive part to replace. If it needs to be replaced, you need to consider if the cost is worth it if your AC is old. Replacing the entire refrigerant system or the entire air conditioner could be a better way to spend your money. It all depends on the age of your air conditioner and the condition of the rest of the parts.

Your AC repair technician may also want to determine the cause of the evaporator coil problem. If the coil had many tiny pinhole leaks due to VOCs floating around your home, you may want to change your buying habits in the future to buy products with low VOCs. You might also want to install an activated carbon air purifier in your home to filter out the volatile organic compounds so they aren't so harmful to your AC equipment.


12 April 2022

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