4 Types Of Fuel To Know About Before Your Heating Installation


Do you need to get a heater installation for your home? If so, it is a good idea to understand your options. Many homeowners today think about energy efficiency and saving on their energy bills. There is also more interest in protecting the environment, which impacts the final decision of a new heater install. You will find that you have options when choosing an energy source. It is possible to continue using the same heating source that you have been using. However, you might discover that you could benefit from migrating to a heating solution that uses a different fuel source. The following points identify the most common fuel options used by today's consumers.


Homeowners favor this solution because electric furnaces usually offer an easy installation. There are furnaces that have ENERGY STAR certified furnaces that offer the most impressive performance. These can save homeowners money on their electric bills in comparison to standard furnaces that are not certified. The maintenance involved with this type of furnace is less complex because of its design. The risks of issues are not the same as gas-powered furnaces. Heat is produced in a manner that does not involve combustion but rather the warming of burners through electricity.

Natural Gas

This option is highly favored because it can offer energy savings. Gas furnaces commonly outperform electric furnaces in terms of fuel costs. The installation is more complex because of the gas dangers. There might also be a heating installation issue if a homeowner wants a gas furnace but does not have any gas line running into their home. The HVAC contractor will have to install the gas lines on a property if they are not present. 


If a gas furnace installation poses issues such as a home being positioned on a property that does not have access to gas, an HVAC contractor might recommend choosing propane as an alternative. This will allow a homeowner to reap many of the benefits that they would get from natural gas. The gas line issue will be resolved because the contractor can install a propane tank on the property to provide fuel. 


Perhaps you have incorrectly assumed that transitioning to solar energy is out of your budget. There are affordable ways to get access to this alternative energy source and several rewards to harness from it. Choosing solar fuel offers the safest solution and money savings on heating costs. If you have concerns about the environment, you will appreciate that your fuel will come from the sun powering the solar cells to provide heat. 

If you are in need of a heater installation, contact an HVAC contractor today. 


31 January 2022

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