Do You Have Frozen AC Coils? 4 Reasons Why This May Be Happening


Unlike most air-conditioning issues, frozen AC coils can result from the failure of different parts of your HVAC system that may prompt the need for an air-conditioning repair technician. When you see a buildup of ice on your indoor unit, it indicates a major problem that can sometimes be difficult to diagnose unless you schedule an air-conditioning service. In this guide, you'll learn some of the possible causes of your frozen AC coils.

1. You have poor airflow over your evaporator

Your air conditioner requires unrestricted airflow to function optimally. If you want the air around your home to move efficiently and not disrupt your AC functionality, you should seek the services of a residential air-conditioning repair technician to change your filters regularly. If your filters become dirty and clogged to the point of restricted airflow, the condensate, which forms on your evaporator coils on hot days, may freeze. 

If your fan doesn't work properly, it will work extra hard to suck warm air into the air conditioner and push cold air into the ductwork. Therefore, in case your blower or fan motor breaks down, there'll be less air flowing over your evaporator coils, decreasing your AC's efficiency and possibly causing a frozen line.

2. You may have a refrigerant leak

The common cause of a refrigerant leak comes from the damages to your HVAC unit and can go unnoticed. When your AC refrigerant is low, it makes your evaporator coil cold, and any air that comes in contact with it will freeze. If you suspect that the cause of your frozen AC coils is due to a refrigerant leak, ensure that you contact an experienced air-conditioning repair technician. Extended exposure to the refrigerant may lead to refrigerant poisoning.

3. Clogged condensate line

If you reside in an area with a humid climate, you should expect your evaporator coil to overwork to effectively remove humidity. As the moisture is drained away, condensation will form, which is removed from your home. In case you have a clogged condensate line, the moisture being drained will back up, freezing the evaporator coils. You can quickly fix your clogged condensate lines using a wet/dry vac, but it's highly recommended that you seek the services of an experienced air-conditioning repair professional.

4. Dirty evaporator coils

If your evaporator coils have excessive dirt buildup, it will cause your system to strain to effectively condition the air around your home. Your evaporator coils may freeze if you don't schedule regular air-conditioning service to ensure proper heat absorption.

It can be frustrating to deal with an AC coil that freezes up. Luckily, this guide has highlighted a few reasons that an experienced air-conditioning repair technician can easily handle.


20 August 2021

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