What To Check When Your Furnace Isn't Working Right


Is your furnace acting up, and you can't quite figure out what is going on with it? If so, it helps to know these two reasons for furnace repair so that you can troubleshoot the problem on your own. 

Flame Sensor

Your furnace's flame sensor has the job of making sure that a flame is currently on in your furnace. If it detects that there is no flame to burn the gas, it is going to shut down to prevent gas from leaking into your home. If this part fails, it will make the furnace think that there is no flame and not provide your home with heat, even though the flame is active and working properly. 

One way to tell if the flame sensor is not working properly is to observe it during the startup sequence. If you see the flame turn on and then the furnace shuts down after several seconds, then this is a clear indication that the flame sensor is defective. You'll either need to remove the flame sensor to clean it or replace the flame sensor with a new one. 

If you want to try cleaning the flame sensor, you'll need to remove it from the furnace and scrub it to get rid of any soot on the flame sensor. If that doesn't work, the part will need to be replaced. Thankfully, it's a relatively cheap part that is easy to access, making replacement a breeze. 

Flame Rollout Switch

You'll want to check inside the furnace for scorch marks, which is an indication of a bigger problem with your furnace that is triggering the flame rollout switch. The purpose of the flame rollout switch is to shut down the furnace if the flames get too big since the switch will shut down the furnace completely. There is then a reset button that can be pressed to allow the furnace to start back up again. If the flame is getting too big, this could be due to a problem with a heat exchanger that has a crack in it, which is releasing dangerous gases into your home.

If there are no scorch marks but resetting the flame rollout switch fixes the problem, then the issue could be a faulty flame rollout switch. Consider replacing the switch with a new one to see if this fixes the problem. An HVAC technician in your area can help with finding the part and installing it for you. 


28 July 2021

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