Signs Your Furnace Needs Repairs: Tips To Stay Warm This Winter


A furnace may be a small machine that sits in the basement or garage of your home. That's why it is probably something you don't think about until there is a problem with it. If you are noticing signs that furnace repairs are needed, then this article can help. Read on to learn more!

Signs That Your Furnace Needs Repairs

  • You smell an unpleasant odor emanating from the furnace area of your home.
  • Your furnace doesn't power on at all.
  • You notice water leaking from the furnace. It could be a result of a furnace leak or a sign of water damage.
  • You notice rust on metal parts inside the furnace, like the vents and grates.
  • The furnace is not heating the home as expected. Usually, your utility bills are unrealistically high despite low usage periods.
  • One side of your furnace seems to be running hotter than the other. It means there may be something wrong with one of the parts inside it.

When your furnace first starts having issues, it is essential to contact an HVAC technician. That's before your heating needs turn into an emergency. Professional HVAC contractors can tell from the sounds your furnace is making if any problems need fixing right away.

Tips for Maintaining Your Furnace and Avoid Costly Repairs

If your furnace isn't heating your home, it may need repairs. To stay warm this winter, consider the following tips for maintaining its performance.

  • Schedule regular furnace maintenance and inspections by a qualified professional. Do this a few times a year for the most efficient performance. This step is essential to avoid furnace failure and costly repairs.
  • Check your furnace filters regularly and replace them as needed, usually monthly. Dirty or clogged furnace filters will reduce the efficiency of your heating system.
  • Keep a few feet of combustible material like drywall or linoleum away from the furnace vents. Also, be cautious when refueling the furnace.
  • Do not use water on areas of hot running furnace parts. The water may cause them to crack and leak dangerous fumes. If you have concerns about leaking fuel, contact an emergency gas line service immediately.

The best way to keep your home comfortable is by having a working furnace. Therefore, don't wait until it's too late; call a heating services professional. They can help you with any questions or concerns about your system and will make sure you are ready for the cold weather ahead.


1 July 2021

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