Need AC In A Tight Space? Consider These Installation Tips


Downsizing remains popular with adults of all ages. But designing a smaller space to be a permanent home does call for making adjustments and foregoing some traditional construction methods. 

One such design change involves the installation of air conditioning in a small space. Small spaces can be particularly challenging to cool, due to potential sizing problems with the components or existing ventilation issues created by living in a small space.

If you are struggling to make an AC system fit into your small home design and are unsure of how to proceed, these installation tips can help. 

Go with smaller ducts

In larger homes, full-size air conditioning ducts can be easily concealed within walls or between floors. In a small home, this type of space can be much more difficult to find. Instead, those who want to live in a smaller home can consider using non-traditional ducts to carry the cool air throughout your home. 

Smaller ducts are available in flexible, small diameter, or flattened shapes that require only a fraction of the amount of space needed for traditional, full-sized ducts. With high-velocity capability, outputs of the smaller ducts are comparable to traditional, full-sized ones. 

Go overhead

Another way to bring air-conditioned comfort into your home is to consider going overhead with both the unit and the ducts. If the small home design includes even a small attic space, a compact HVAC unit and ceiling mounted ducts can be tucked away without taking up any valuable wall or floor space within the small home you are building. 

Go with mini-splits

Mini-split systems are growing in popularity with both small and traditional homeowners. Designed to work with no ducts, yet silently deliver very efficient cool comfort, the interior component of a mini-split is installed on a wall near the ceiling. The larger component sits outside the home on a wall-mounted holder or a small concrete pad and connects to the head inside through a small opening in the wall. 

Mini-splits come in several sizes, some of which are designed to power multiple heads and provide a comfortable, thermostatically level of cooling throughout homes and other structures. Traditional homeowners can also enjoy using mini-splits to cool areas that are poorly served by their current central air system or to eliminate the need to install ducts in a new addition. 

To learn more about these and other ways to include comfortable coolness in your new small home design, take time to contact a reputable residential air conditioning contractor in your area today. 


29 January 2021

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