Air Conditioner Installation Solutions for Efficient Cooling in the Summer


If you want to have AC in your home this summer, it may be time to start planning. Today, there are affordable air conditioners that can be installed before the heat arrives. You have options like a mini-split system or high-velocity AC. There are other options like AC heat pumps as well. The following AC installation solutions will help you choose the right system for your home before summer.

Ductless AC Systems

If you want to have a new cooling system installed before summer, ductless AC is one of the best choices. These are systems that don't have ducts like conventional forced-air systems. Installing a ductless AC can be an affordable and quick solution to add air conditioning to your home. There are also several options for the installation of a ductless system, including:

  • Conventional single unit ductless AC
  • Mini-split ductless AC with multiple air handlers
  • Ductless heat pumps for heating and cooling

The ductless AC system can be installed to provide cooling to existing areas, or you want to use them to add air conditioning. They can be used to add to basements, bonus rooms, outdoor shops, and other spaces where you want cooling for summer weather.

Efficient High-Velocity Systems

Today, another option that you will want to consider to add cooling to your home before summer is a high-velocity system. The compact ducts of these systems mean they can be installed quickly. This also makes them a great alternative to ductless AC if you want a more conventional cooling system for your home. High-velocity systems can also be great if you are planning renovations. They require little work to install the ductwork because they can be installed in existing wall cavities like your plumbing drain lines.

AC Heat Pump for Air Conditioner Replacements

Another option to consider for your home is an AC heat pump. These systems are a great choice if you have an old condensing unit to replace. If your furnace is also outdated and inefficient, the heat pump can also replace the old heating system in your home. These systems use heat pump technology to provide your home with highly efficient heating and cooling. Heat pumps are also great because they are available for many different types of HVAC systems, such as forced-air and ductless systems.

The AC you have installed in your home can provide you with efficient cooling to lower your energy costs. Call an AC installation service and ask about these solutions to keep your home cool next summer.


17 December 2020

Keeping My Air Conditioner On Point

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