Troubleshooting A Shaking Air Conditioner


A shaking air conditioner can make a lot of noise, which impacts your comfort. Further, shaking is hard on the unit itself and can increase the chances of further problems down the road.

Hard Starts

A hard start results in shaking when you first power on the AC. The cause is either a failing AC compressor or a malfunctioning start capacitor. A compressor failure usually means that it is time to replace the unit. If it is the start capacitor, your repair technician can replace it and verify that there is no other damage so that your unit can be working like it is new again.

Broken Components

Certain components can break or come loose inside the unit, which will cause banging and shaking each time the unit powers on that will usually persist until you turn off the unit. Off-balance fan blades, a broken piston pin, or a thrown connecting rod are common issues. Your AC technician must open up the unit and inspect it to locate what is broken. Usually, the problem can be repaired by either tightening the loose component or replacing a broken piece.

Failed Vibration Pads

Your outdoor AC unit sits on a concrete pad. On top of this pad are special rubber vibration pads. The pads absorb the normal vibration of the AC when it is running so that there is no noticeable shaking. If the unit shifts off the pads or if the pads begin to crack, then the AC will shake throughout its entire cycle. Your repair tech can replace the pads and anchor the AC so the problem doesn't occur again.

Bearing Issues

There are bearings in the fan assemble that ensures it moves smoothly and with minimal vibration. If these bearings fail or if they aren't properly lubricated, shaking can be the result. If the issue is the fan, the unit will shake whenever the fan is on, even if the compressor isn't running. Your repair tech can repack the bearings, lubricate the fan, or replace the fan assembly, depending on the extent and the exact cause of the problem.

Loose Ducts

When the shaking seems to be worse inside the house rather than near the unit, then the problem may actually be with the ducts. If any of the ductwork has come loose, it will shake when the air blows through it. The problem may seem more pronounced at the beginning of a cooling cycle. The loose ducts must be found and tightened in order to fix the problem.

Contact an AC repair service for more help if your AC is making odd noises.  


11 August 2020

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