Protect Your Investment: How To Care For The AC Units In Your Rental Properties


If you own rental homes, you need to worry about maintenance. Without proper care, your rental homes may rack up costly repair bills. This is especially true of the operating systems, such as the air conditioner. Air conditioners are a key component of any home, especially during the summer. If the air conditioners don't function the way they should, your tenants may have to suffer through the heat. You'll also have to pay for the repairs. Here are some steps you can take to help avoid air conditioner problems in your rental homes.

Arrange a Service Schedule

If you want to protect the air conditioners in your rental homes, make a service schedule. Your tenants might not know when to call for service. They also might not be able to afford the cost of maintenance. Unfortunately, that means your air conditioners might be prone to breakdowns. Protect your investment by scheduling annual service calls in advance. That way, you know that your air conditioning units get the service they need throughout the year.

Provide Filter Replacements

Air conditioners need to have their filters changed at least once every three months. That includes the ones in your rental homes. Clean filters help keep your air conditioners in good working order. But, your tenants might not replace them as often as needed. This is especially true if your tenants are responsible for buying those filters. You can make sure your air conditioners get new filters once every three months. Give your tenants the filters they'll need to keep your air conditioners running. It's also a good idea to send your tenants a reminder when it's time to change the filters. 

Upgrade the Thermostat

If you don't have a programmable thermostat in your rental homes, now's the time to invest in those. Programmable thermostats are an important part of any rental home. They're a good way to ensure energy efficiency in your rental homes. They can also help protect your entire HVAC system. That's because a programmable thermostat can prevent overheating.

Train Your Tenants

If you want to protect the air conditioners in your rental homes, train your tenants. Your tenants should know how to keep the area around the air conditioning units clear of debris. It's also important that your tenants know how to identify air conditioner problems. Some problems include short cycling or strange odors. If your tenants can identify these problems early, they can contact you right away. That means you can take care of minor issues quicker.

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9 June 2020

Keeping My Air Conditioner On Point

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