Furnace Maintenance: What Can You Do About It Today?


If you used your furnace almost every day during the cold season, you want to give the appliance a thorough checkup today. Maintaining your furnace is essential for many important reasons, including stability. If your furnace isn't clean inside and out, it can become unstable and stop heating your home. Learn what you and a professional can do to keep your furnace going every cold season.

What Can You Do Yourself?

As a homeowner, you can perform a few maintenance jobs on your furnace yourself. The first maintenance job you can do now is change your furnace's air filter. A clean air filter prevents dust from entering a furnace's blower compartment. If the air filter covering your blower isn't clean enough, dust (and other contaminants) can enter the compartment and reduce airflow inside it. Poor airflow is one of the reasons furnaces perform poorly in the winter. 

After you change the air filter, spend a few minutes cleaning out the blower compartment. If you're able to do so, use a soft cloth to gently wipe down the surfaces inside the compartment. If there's dust in the back of the compartment, remove it with the head of a small vacuum. 

After you clean out the blower compartment, inspect the equipment inside it. If the equipment is completely covered in dust, contact an HVAC contractor at your earliest convenience.

What Can a Professional for You?

The motor fan and other equipment inside the blower compartment can overheat if they become clogged with dust. If the fan or other equipment overheats repeatedly, the equipment can eventually give out or quit. A contractor can clean and maintain the equipment inside the blower compartment for you.

During the cleaning, a contractor may inspect the combustion chamber in your furnace. The combustion chamber is responsible for warming the air inside the furnace. If the chamber isn't functioning properly, your home will feel cold and drafty all winter long.

In addition to cleaning and maintaining the combustion chamber, a contractor may examine the furnace's flue vents and other exhaust components. These parts of the appliances can quickly build up with soot and other gas byproducts. If the byproducts don't exit the vents to the outside of the home, they may enter your home instead.

The maintenance jobs above are just a few essential things you and a contractor can do this year. If you need help maintaining your furnace, contact a furnace maintenance service today.


27 March 2020

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