Questions To Help You Determine If Your Furnace Issue Is A Heating Emergency


Your furnace goes out and the cold outside is bitter. Is this an emergency furnace repair situation? Here are a few things you should ask yourself first to decide. 

Do you have an alternate source of heating to use safely?

Alternate heating sources can come in the form of a space heater, a fireplace, or even a kitchen oven in a dire situation. Only opt to use these alternatives if you can do so safely. For instance, if you have a fireplace but the chimney has not been assessed for many years, this would not be considered a safe alternative heat source. 

Do you have someone in the home susceptible to the cold?

Maybe you live with an elderly parent, or perhaps you have a young child who can't withstand the cold. These situations usually do require an emergency furnace repair. If you can safely leave, do so. Even during an emergency call, you may have to wait a bit for someone to come, and repairs can take a bit as well. 

Can you get out of your home to get to a heated place?

Do you have transportation? Is your transportation sufficient enough to drive you to another place where it's warm? These are questions you may be asked when you call for emergency furnace repair. If you can leave your home safely, it can be better to do so than to wait for assistance to arrive. Also, there may be others with a heating emergency that have no way to leave their home and need service faster. 

Are you physically capable of using an alternative heating source?

Maybe you have an alternative heating source, but you have physical ailments that prevent you from using that source. For example, if you have a wood stove, but live alone in a wheelchair, it would be difficult for you to go out and gather wood to use for heat. 

How long will your home stay warm with no heat?

Ideally, every home would be built to be efficient. There would be no wind through low-quality windows or cold spilling in from the outlets in the walls. Unfortunately, not all homes can counter the cold with good insulation and well-built design and implements. If you live in a home that is likely to be freezing cold in a matter of a few hours, your furnace repair situation could be deemed an emergency. 

To learn more about furnace repair, contact a furnace repair contractor in your area.


25 February 2020

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