Have A Water Leak? Here's What Could Have Caused It


If you are a homeowner, you know that from time to time unexpected expenses will arise. Sometimes individuals get complacent when everything in their homes is running smoothly. They neglect their routine maintenance on the premise that everything is working. Plumbing systems get neglected in some households. The property owners report problems when they see them. Sometimes, by the time they see the issue, it has become serious.

Pipe leaks represent an example of a plumbing issue that can go undetected and cause serious damage. Leaking pipes can cause water damage and encourage mold growth. The following points will help you understand things that can create a leaking pipe. 

Presence of Formaldehyde

Chemical reactions can occur when pipes run close to other building materials that contain formaldehyde. The end result is possible corrosion to the pipes if they are made of copper. This may be a slow and gradual process to the point that the water leak starts out small and gradually causes a significant amount of water to get released into your home. Plywood and particleboard are examples of building materials that contain formaldehyde. Most homeowners are not aware of the type of pipes that they have running through their homes. Routine plumbing inspections can determine pipe material and any building materials that could cause the pipe material to breakdown. 

Exposure to Chlorine

You likely have chlorine in your water if your water supply comes from your city's water. Individuals with property in rural areas may not have chlorine added to their water supply. Chlorine can damage pipes and cause what is referred to as pitted corrosion. This is because the chlorine gradually deteriorates copper pipes and creates what looks like tiny pits in the pipes. The pits eventually turn into holes and cause leaks. A plumber can install a filtration system to prevent chlorine from damaging your pipes. They can also test the level of chlorine in your water. The levels can vary depending on your jurisdiction.

You can reduce the chances of you experiencing a leaking pipe situation by ensuring that you keep up with routine maintenance appointments. You can also learn about signs of leaks from an HVAC contractor. If you suspect that you have a water leak, they can use non-invasive infrared technology to determine if a leak exists. Neglecting to repair a leak can result in more repairs such as replacing building materials and mold remediation. Call a plumbing contractor today to handle any leaking problems.


21 December 2019

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