Keeping Your Home's Air Conditioner Safe From Squirrel Damage And Problems


Squirrels can be among the threats to an air conditioning system that homeowners are the most likely to overlook. However, it is important to protect these expensive and complicated HVAC systems from all potential sources of damage and performance problems.

Take Squirrel Damage As A Serious Threat

Seeing squirrels around your air conditioning system might not seem as though it should be a serious concern. However, squirrels have the ability to damage your air conditioning system in a number of different ways. For example, squirrels can chew on the various wires, cables and ducting that may be connected to this unit, which can lead to significant damage. Furthermore, squirrels can be especially prone to building nests on or inside these units, which can create severe airflow blockages.

Consider Having The Exterior Unit Moved

If your air conditioning system is placed on the roof of your home, it can be far more prone to suffer problems from squirrels. For those that live in areas near heavy woods or that have a large number of trees on their property, it may be easiest to simply have the air conditioning system moved. By moving the unit to the ground, you can reduce the risk of squirrels attempting to target it as they will typically prefer to be elevated.

Have The Area Treated With Repellents

Treating the area with squirrel repellents can also help to reduce the risk of them causing problems for your air conditioning system. By applying these repellents around the exterior unit several times a year, you can effectively keep squirrels away. Homeowners may be concerned about odors from these repellents making life in the home unpleasant. However, this is not the case if they are applied correctly. This will involve turning off the air conditioning system until the repellents have dried, which is needed to keep it from being pulled into the unit.

Install Squirrel Deterrent Devices

For those who are wanting to avoid the use of chemicals on their property and who are unable to move their unit from the roof, there are other options for reducing the ability of squirrels to pose a problem. One of these options will be the installation of deterrents that will make it difficult for the squirrels to nest in the unit. These devices may resemble small spikes and fencing, but they will be able to keep squirrels from getting into the crevices of the system or near the intake vents.

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22 October 2019

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