An Overview Of Different Heating Services For New Homes


Are you in the process of constructing a new home? If so, you'll need to select the heating method that will be used to warm your home in the winter. New construction gives you the opportunity to put in any type of heating system you can imagine. Here are a few different heating options you have to pick from. 

Radiant Heat

One of the most comfortable ways to heat your home is by using in-floor radiant heat. It works by placing a heating element underneath the floor that causes the heat to radiate upward. It keeps the floor warm and allows the heat to travel upward over your whole body. Your feet will be warm and your head will feel cool as a result. 

Radiant heat can be generated by water or electricity. In a hydronic system, a boiler creates hot water that flows through a closed loop in the floor. The water retains heat quite well, so it doesn't use a lot of energy to keep your home warm. 

Electricity can be used with heating mats placed under the floor. These heating pads cost more in energy to operate, but they can be ideal for places where it is difficult to run water pipes or where heat is not used often. For example, they can be good for a bathroom where you only want warm floors after you step out of the shower. 

Forced Air Heat

Forced air heating is the traditional way to heat a home, which requires a furnace to heat the air and ductwork to transfer it to each room of your home. Forced air heat works well when combined with central air conditioning due to them both sharing many of the same components. 

Furnaces primarily operate through natural gas or electricity as a fuel source, but can also use heating oil. It is best to pick the option based on what is the most cost-efficient for your region and how much it costs to fuel the system. 

Heat Pump

A heat pump is a heating service that can actually heat and cool a home, despite what the name implies. It works by transferring heat in or out of your home to make it feel comfortable. In the winter, a heat pump takes heat from outside your home and moves it inside, which can be problematic in some parts of the country. A heat pump won't work well in climates that are frequently below freezing temperatures during the winter. 

For more information on heating services, contact an HVAC contractor.


2 August 2019

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