Why Is Your Heat Pump So Noisy?


Heat pumps are meant to hum away, doing their jobs without making too much ruckus. If yours is calling a lot of attention to itself by making loud noises, there's a reason for it. The heat pump is probably broken in some way, and the noises are its way of letting you know. Here are a few of the common problems that can cause a heat pump to operate loudly, along with some tips for addressing them.

A clogged filter.

Do the loud noises you're hearing sound like whooshing or swooshing? What you're probably hearing is the heat pump kicking into defrost mode. This will happen on occasion even with a healthy heat pump, but if it is happening more than once in a while, it could be because your unit is super-cooling—which is often due to a dirty filter. A dirty filter makes it hard for the heat pump to discharge its coolness, so it hypercools and then needs to defrost.

Of course, a dirty filter is very easy to fix. Pull the old filter out, take it to the hardware store, and buy a new one in the same size. Put that new filter into place, and enjoy a quieter heat pump from here on out.

A loose motor beating.

Does the noise sound more like a clanking or rattling? Chances are, your heat pump's motor has a worn ball bearing. This is a pretty common issue in older heat pumps. An HVAC contractor can remove the damaged ball bearing and put a new one in place, usually within an hour or two. If your heat pump is still under warranty, this repair should be covered. It should be safe to keep running the heat pump until you're able to get it repaired—as long as you get it repaired within a week or two.

Low refrigerant.

If the noise you are hearing sounds like gurgling, then your heat pump may be running low on refrigerant. A healthy unit does not lose refrigerant, but it's common for older heat pumps to develop leaks, which cause the refrigerant levels to decrease over time. An HVAC contractor can find the leak, seal it, and then add more refrigerant to the system. 

If your heat pump is making strange noises and you can't figure out why, call a heat pump repair service. They should be able to identify the issue rather quickly. 


26 June 2019

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