Common Propane Furnace Problems & Their Likely Causes


You probably chose a propane furnace because it is efficient and the fuel that it uses is relatively affordable for your budget. However, your propane furnace may be getting a little older, so you are starting to have some problems. Just like you might have problems with furnaces powered by electricity and natural gas, you can have issues with your propane-powered unit. Check out some of the most common problems with a  propane-powered furnace system and the likely causes behind them. 

The propane furnace is running but not providing heat. 

The first thing to do in this situation is to check the propane levels in the propane tank to make sure you have fuel. If this is not the issue, there could be a problem with the fuel getting delivered to the furnace as it should. See if your pilot light is still burning and if it is not, you should have a heating repair service come to your home to find out why the gas is not being delivered through the lines and to the furnace like it is supposed to. 

The pilot light will only burn intermittently and will not stay lit. 

The pilot light is the key point of function for the propane furnace. If it will not stay burning or burns only intermittently, you will see issues with your furnace only providing heat when the pilot is actually burning. In most situations, this kind of problem is an easy thing to tackle. You may simply need to clean the burner on the pilot light to make sure debris is not getting in the way of proper propane flow. If you have cleaned the burner and still have the same problem, you may have an issue with the outlet valve that disperses the propane into the pilot. 

The furnace suddenly starts consuming extra propane sometimes. 

This is perhaps the biggest complaint that people who own a propane furnace will have. If you see a sudden spike in how much propane your furnace is using to heat your home, there could be a few things going on. The dispersing unit from the gas line may be damaged and allowing to much fuel to enter the pilot light chamber, for example. In some cases, problems with a thermostat can cause the furnace to consume too much propane because it is running far more than usual. Check with a furnace repair service to have the system thoroughly examined. 

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24 May 2019

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