Need Cool Air For Your Older Home? Why Ductless Air Conditioning Is The Answer


If you live in an older home that isn't able to accommodate the ductwork required for a central air conditioning unit, you may think that you're out of options. However, that's not the case. Ductless air conditioning may be the way to go. Ductless air conditioning allows you to cool your home down during the summer without the use of ducts.

This is extremely beneficial for homes that don't have adequate attic or crawlspace between the outer roof and the inner ceiling. Ductless air conditioners work by installing a main cooling blower and motor on the exterior wall, while the cooling ports are installed on the interior wall. Cool air is blown into the room through a tube that passes through the wall, eliminating the need for ducts. Here are three reasons you need to consider split or ductless air conditioning for your older home.

Efficient Zone Cooling

If you're like most homeowners, you've always got at least one room in the house that stays hotter than all the rest. One of the benefits of a ductless air conditioning system is that you can provide efficient zone cooling throughout your home. The cooling to each room is individually controlled, which means you can turn the other units down when they reach the right temperature while allowing the problem room to continue cooling.

Serves Dual Purposes

If you live in an older home without ductwork, your heating capabilities are also limited. If you heat your home with wall heaters or a wood burning stoves, you might deal with chilly winters, especially in the rooms that are farther away from the stoves or wall units. Ductless air conditioning units can also be used to provide heat for your home during the winters, which means you'll enjoy the same efficient technology to keep you warm – even in those drafty rooms.

Easy to Install

If you're worried about the time that will be required to install your air conditioning unit, you should know that split air conditioners are extremely easy to install. There's no need for any heavy equipment, such as cranes – which can be necessary when lifting a standard air conditioning unit into the attic or onto the roof. Instead, all the installation can be handled quickly and easily.

If your older home isn't a good candidate for a central heating and air conditioning unit, talk to your air conditioning installation contractor about a ductless system.


3 November 2018

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