How To Know When It's Time For A New Air Conditioning Unit


Picture this scenario: you're driving home after a long, hard day at work and can't wait to kick off your shoes, take off your uniform and relax in the comfort and coolness of your house. You finally pull up into the driveway, get out of the car and open the front door. You are greeted by a blast of hot air that only serves to frustrate you. It seems that there were no signs that your air conditioning (AC) unit was on the fritz. However, if you pay close attention you can often notice the subtle warnings of a pending problem. Take note of the article below so you'll know in advance when it's time for a new AC system.

There Is An Uneven Flow Of Air Throughout Your Home

When the compressor system on your AC unit is in good shape it has absolutely no problem delivering cool air to every part of your home. Although some of the upstairs rooms might not be as cool because heat tends to rise, there is generally an even flow of air that is spread over your upper and lower floors.

If you start to go from room to room and notice a pretty dramatic difference in the temperatures of each space you should act quickly. If you do something at that moment you might be able to save your unit by simply having the compressor replaced. If the problem is allowed to keep going without intervention you could end up having to get an entirely new unit.

You Smell Odd Odors When Running Your AC System

When your AC system starts to deteriorate it's not at all uncommon for the wire insulation network that powers the unit to wear down. As the insulation becomes thinner and thinner the exposed wire can literally start to burn when you turn on your AC unit. If this is happening you'll usually notice a burnt or pungent smell in the air that is hard to miss.

Don't ignore this particular sign because you don't want an electrical fire on your hands. It could be a sign that your current AC system has burnt out and it's time for you to get air conditioning replacement.

Knowing when to replace your AC unit keeps you from having to battle the heat. If you've detected either of these issues let an AC contracting professional do a thorough evaluation of your unit.


20 June 2018

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