Tips To Maintain And Help Keep Your Window AC Unit Free From Damage


Keeping your home cool during the summer is an important part of your and your family's comfort, and your home's air conditioner plays a big part in this. When your air conditioner consists of a window air conditioner unit, there are specific steps you need to complete to maintain and clean it to prevent repairs. Here are some recommendations to help you accomplish AC repair:

Clean the Filter

As your home's window air conditioner works to cool the air, contaminants that become trapped in its filter will build-up and clog the filter. This can cause your air conditioner to work harder. For this reason, it is important to clean out your unit's filter regularly during the summer as you use it.

Most window air conditioners have a front panel which you can remove to pull out and clean the filter. Wash the filter under running water to remove any dust, pet hairs, and other air debris, then allow the filter to air dry before replacing it back into the front of your unit. If your air conditioner has a disposable filter, buy a replacement filter to fit your air conditioner. Be sure to clean or replace your air conditioner's filter before storing it for winter. This will ensure it is ready and cleaned for spring.

Remove Coil Build-Up

As air flows through the interior of your window air conditioner, its coils can collect dust and debris. It is important to clean off the coils of your air conditioner unit to keep them clean. Dirty coils can cause your air conditioner to work harder to cool the air, which causes your utility bill to increase. This can also put your air conditioner at risk of being overworked and breaking down during the summer.

Remove your air conditioner unit from your window, place it on an outside for cleaning, and remove its front cover to expose the interior. Use a cleaning brush to dislodge the debris from the coils, or spray an air conditioner coil cleaner onto the coils, then rinse them with water. Replace the front cover and place it back into your window for use.

Protect It During Winter

When winter arrives, it is best to remove your air conditioner from the window and store it in a basement or other interior storage space. Storing your unit in an exterior shed or other outbuilding puts it at risk of pest damage to its interior. Be sure to store the unit right-side up and not on its side, as this can cause the coolant to pool unnaturally and cause potential problems when you need to use it the next season.


25 November 2017

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