2 Great Ways To Improve HVAC Efficiency


Your HVAC system needs some care and maintenance over the years if you want it to remain functional and efficient. Of course, there are components in an HVAC system and many things can possibly go wrong. While most serious repairs, especially if they involve electrical or gas components, need to be looked at and serviced by HVAC techs, there are quite a few simple things that you can fix yourself. This article explains some of the best DIY repairs for central HVAC systems. This simple jobs will improve the functionality of your system to a small degree and could even reduce your heating and cooling bills.

Insulate the Accessible Ducts

The majority of your ducting is inside the walls, drywalled in and therefore inaccessible. However, there are short lengths that are exposed and easy to access. These sections of ducting are the most vulnerable when it comes to heat loss because they aren't insulated by drywall. They are also susceptible to damaged because they can get bumped and shifted out of place. That is why even those these are short sections of ducting, it is a good idea to insulate them.

You easily insulated aluminum ducts using fiberglass batting-style rolls. Fiberglass insulation is cheap and can be used for all sorts of insulation. Before you apply the fiberglass, you want to tape all of the seams between the individual ducts. This will block any air leaks and strengthen the ducts. The fiberglass can be easily wrapped around the ducts and taped down. This simple job will help with heat loss, so it is a good idea add insulation to any exposed ducting sections in your home.

Clean Your Furnace Cabinet

Some people don't realize how central the furnace is to both the heating and AC processes. It is largely responsible for producing airflow and circulating air. Since the furnace is often in a garage or storage room, it can become very dusty and people tend to store and lean things against the cabinet. First of all, you can improve the productivity of your furnace by removing any clutter that is stacked around it, possibly blocking air flow. You can also use a wand vacuum to clean out any vents on the cabinet. Basically, any dirt and dust on the outside of your furnace run the risk of getting sucked into the vital working parts. So, it is helpful if you frequently clean the outside of your furnace cabinet.

These simple jobs won't cost much money or time, but they are definitely worth it if you want a more productive system. Contact a company like Hospitality heating and air conditioning Inc for more information and assistance. 


17 September 2017

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