Commercial Air Conditioning Tips


The air conditioning needs of a commercial building can be drastically different than those of a residential property. Often, these buildings are much larger, and this will place unique demands on these systems. A few tips can help you by reducing the odds of you overlooking valuable options during the process of choosing a commercial air conditioners.

Have A Cooling Evaluation Of Your Building Performed

Unless you have previous experience with air conditioning systems, you may find it extremely difficult to determine the amount of air conditioning that your building will require. This can lead to problems with choosing a suitable unit. Fortunately, air conditioning technicians can fairly accurately calculate the amount of air conditioning power that a building will require. During this process, the technician will calculate the square footage of the building, the number of windows and types of doors as well as the amount of insulation that was used. These evaluations can often be completed within a few hours, and the information that they provide will enable you to avoid paying too much for an air conditioning unit or buying one that will be too weak for you building.

Consider Leasing Your Business's Air Conditioner

Rather than outright purchasing an air conditioning system for you building, you may find that leasing one can be the more economical option. These systems are extremely expensive, and any businesses may not have the resources to outright buy one of these units. When leasing one of these units, you will find that the initial cost is lower. Another benefit of leasing one of these units will be that you will not have to worry about performing maintenance to the system as the leasing company will be responsible for this task. The costs of leasing one of these units may be radically different depending on the provider in question, and you would be well served to get quotes from a few different providers.

Place A Barrier Around Your Unit

Unfortunately, there are many people that may want to tamper with a business's air conditioning system. Often, this may be individuals looking to steal copper to sell for scrap or they may simply be looking to vandalize property. In addition to these troublemakers, you may also find that small animals will attempt to build nests in the unit or chew on its wiring. Placing a protective barrier around this unit will greatly reduce these risks. However, you will want to be careful to avoid restricting the airflow to the unit. For this reason, you should consider using chain link fencing for your barrier.


24 July 2017

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