Heading Out For Vacation? 3 Steps To Prepping Your HVAC Unit


You are excited to finally be taking the extended vacation of your dreams, and you have arranged for someone to take care of your pets, plants, and lawn. Yet, you still need to figure out how to make sure your air conditioning unit is good while you are away. Before you pack your suitcase, use these three tips to have full confidence that your HVAC system is ready for you to go.

Check the Outdoor Unit

Inclement weather, such as high winds, can wreak havoc on the outdoor portion of your HVAC unit. Check the weather, and make sure to clean around the outside of your unit to remove debris that could clog the air vents if you are expecting storms while you are gone. It is also important to trim any grass, branches, or bushes that come near the outside of your unit. Make sure these are trimmed shorter than normal, and ask your lawn service to watch their length while you are out of town.

Change the Air Filters

Depending upon your heating system's manufacturer's instructions, the air filters should be changed every one to three months. When you plan to be away for more than a couple of weeks, it is best to change the air filters before you leave. Make sure that you are using the appropriate size, and make a note of when you changed it so you can do it again when you get back. If you plan to be gone all season, then show your house sitter how to do it as well.

Watch For Warning Signs

It is also important to avoid ignoring a problem because you don't want to deal with the repairs. Your HVAC system plays a valuable role in keeping your home's temperature and humidity at the proper levels while you are away. If you notice inconsistent cooling or strange noises coming from the unit, then arrange for an inspection so that it doesn't break down while you are gone. You can also ask your technician what the ideal temperature is to set the thermostat to while you are gone so that you save energy while still keeping the temperatures within a safe range.

A little care now pays off big when you return to a comfortable home. As you plan for your trip, make sure to include HVAC maintenance on your to-do list so that you can rest assured that it is working hard to keep everything perfect while you relax at your vacation destination.


13 July 2017

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