Air Conditioner Not Working Properly? A Few Things To Check Before Calling The Technician


It is true that at some point you are going to need to contact a professional for air conditioning repair. However, before you place the call, you should check a few things yourself. There are a number of items you can take care of yourself easily that will save you from having to pay for a service call to be told what to do yourself.


The filters in the air return vent, on the unit itself, and any you have put into the air ducts all need to be kept clean. Generally, if the problem is with the filters there will be a reduced airflow. Dirty filters not only keep the unit from cooling adequately, it will also cause an increase in your utility bill, and can cause people in the home to suffer with colds, headaches, and allergy issues. The dust and debris that clogs the filters will be pushed into the air for everyone to breathe.

Clean the Vents and Fins

While checking the filters, take a look at the vents themselves. If they are dusty or appear clogged clean them. Also, go outside and look at the fins on the unit. Use a soft brush to wipe them free of any accumulated dirt and to remove any debris that has blown against the outside of the unit.

Thermostat or Control Panel

If the system is not turning on until it is uncomfortable in the house it could be a problem with the thermostat or control panel. Make sure that the thermostat is set to the appropriate temperature. If it appears to be set properly try lowering it to see if the system kicks in. If it still does not come on you need to replace the control unit. You can buy a unit at the local hardware store and follow the direction for changing your damaged one. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, call a service technician and explain the problem. While it will still cost you to have this done they will not have to worry about diagnosing the problem and since you bought the part it will be less of a charge.

Unless you are experienced with the inner workings of the AC unit it is best to contact a professional to open it and look inside. Quite often the problem can be resolved by replacing one or both of the capacitors. These parts run the fan and the unit itself. Let the technician know the make and model of the unit so they bring the correct capacitors. You may also elect to purchase the capacitors yourself to save a bit of money, if they are not the problem you can return them. Hopefully, this will solve the problem and you won't have a large bill to pay. For more information, contact companies like Always Ready Repair.


11 May 2017

Keeping My Air Conditioner On Point

Have you ever stopped to think about the general health of your air conditioner? Although it might seem like a silly thing to worry about, air conditioners need a little tender loving care just like any other home appliance. Unfortunately, it can be hard to detect issues until your system sputters to a halt one day. My blog is all about improving your HVAC experience by learning how to keep it on point. On my blog, you will learn how to check for air conditioning problems, troubleshoot your system, and even find the perfect replacement--should you need to upgrade your system.