What You Should Know About Maintaining The Warranty On Your HVAC System


Getting a new HVAC system installed in your home can help to improve air quality, enable you to better control the temperature and overall add value to your residential property. Whether you got a deal on a refurbished heating and cooling unit or spared no expense on your new, top of the line HVAC system, you can look forward to having your purchase protected under warranty. You can get all of the particulars concerning warranties by giving your HVAC contractor a call, but in general there are only a few important things you need to do to maintain your HVAC system warranty for as long as it lasts.

HVAC Heating And Cooling System Inspections

When it gets cold, you likely switch the thermostat to a warmer temperature setting so that you can remain comfortable in every part of your home. During the summer, it becomes time to crank up the AC and enjoy the cool breeze. To ensure that your HVAC system warranty stays valid, you need to call an HVAC contractor to have a yearly inspection performed.

Mark the exact date that you had your HVAC system installed and mark your calendar so that you are able to schedule an inspection well before this annual date. It is best to try to have an HVAC system inspection before the start of the summer or the winter so there will be time to make improvements or repairs if anything is found to be out of order.

Unauthorized Repairs On HVAC Systems

Homeowners will sometimes have neighborhood kids mow their lawns to save money on landscaping fees or hire handymen to make small repairs when they trust their abilities. When it comes to maintaining the warranty on your HVAC system however, you absolutely cannot have anyone besides a licensed HVAC contractor perform any type of service. Don't feel like you can't change your own HVAC system air filter or take a look at the control panel to find pertinent information, just don't make a decision that may save you a little bit of money now but result in a voided warranty.

If your heating and cooling unit requires a replacement part, becomes noisy, or doesn't start up, rely on an HVAC contractor to perform a full inspection and analysis. After you have your HVAC system registered, each service appointment will recorded and you will have a full history of everything done to your unit as well as the name and license number of the HVAC contractor who performed maintenance and repairs. This will ensure that your HVAC system warranty remains valid without difficulties.


2 May 2017

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