How To Maintain An Evaporative Cooler


Evaporative coolers are a central appliance within your home, and work to cool down your home in a completely distinct method from traditional air conditioners. As they work by pushing chilled, humid air throughout your home, evaporative coolers are the best cooling solution for hot and dry climates. However, like all household appliances, evaporative coolers require fairly regular maintenance to ensure that they continue working properly and efficiently for as long as possible.

Removing Scale

Because of the water that moves through an evaporative cooler, there is a possibility that scale from small amounts of minerals in the water will slowly begin to build up on the components within the unit. You need to remove this scale as it forms in order to ensure the proper functioning of your evaporative cooler: as a general rule of thumb, you should clean the unit every season before you start using it.

First, remove the cooler's pads from their casing, and inspect the frames and arms that hold the pads in place. For any evidence of scale or mineral buildup, you should make use of a wire brush to gently scratch away at it until the metal underneath is exposed.

Reservoir Cleaning

You should drain the reservoir of any remaining water, and inspect the reservoir itself for scale buildup, using the wire brush to remove it as needed. Once cleaned, you may want to add in a quarter cup of vinegar or just a dash of bleach into three inches of water and let your evaporative cooler run in order to kill any bacteria, mold, or organic matter which may have collected somewhere in your cooler's machinery. If you want to be proactive, most hardware stores will sell paint on sealant or rubber seals that can go into the reservoir to protect it from corrosion and to make scale removal easier in the future.

Inspect the Pump

You should closely inspect the pump within your evaporative cooler for any signs of damage. This can take many forms, but in general any sort of cracking, splitting, or excessive visible wear to tubes, belts, and other moving components warrants calling a professional to have your unit inspected and the part in question replaced. You'll want to get these repairs and replacements done as soon as possible, since they can cause your evaporative cooler to work less efficiently, increasing your energy costs and the chances of your evaporative cooler actually breaking down and leaving you to sweat in the heat alone.

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28 April 2017

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