Key Reasons Your Emergency Preparedness Plan Should Include The Use Of A Wood-Burning Fireplace


If you're concerned about the possibility of a natural disaster occurring in your area or if the threats that have been made against the United States recently have terrified you, you should know that the Center for Disease Control has specific recommendations in place as to the number and type of emergency supplies that each person should keep on hand at all times. However, even though you may have blankets at home to keep warm and your emergency preparedness kit is likely to include food that doesn't require cooking, a wood-burning fireplace can benefit you in many ways in the event of a disaster. Therefore, it's best to consider the following information when you want to be sure that your family can stay warm and well-fed in a catastrophic situation.    

Your Wood-burning Fireplace Can Heat More Than Just One Room   

If your experience with wood-burning fireplaces starts with their presence in movies and ends with your memories of roasting marshmallows over one as a kid, you might be surprised to learn that current technology has improved their function significantly. For instance, it is now possible to choose a wood-burning fireplace that can utilize the existing ductwork and/or fans in a home to spread the heat produced by the unit.

Another unique attribute of the modern wood-burning fireplace is its ability to last for up to ten hours of use on a single load of firewood. Therefore, it only makes sense that a wood-burning fireplace can be quite useful when your gas or electricity is not functioning for a significant period of time. 

Wood-burning Fireplaces Are Very Eco-friendly And Can Often Be Made Even More So 

It's important to note that wood-burning fireplaces are thought by many to be one of, if not the, most environmentally responsible choices for heating part or all of a home. However, there are pertinent details about the units that are often unknown.

For instance, there are a wide variety of wood-burning fireplaces currently for sale. Some of the highest quality units produce only tiny amounts of smoke and can actually be accurately labeled as a smokeless heat source. In addition, if you use a dry, dense hardwood as your fuel, your fire will last longer than if you were to use a softer wood like pine. That will further minimize your carbon footprint and simultaneously require less work from you to chop or prepare the wood.

In conclusion, a wood-burning fireplace can be an ideal addition to the emergency preparedness plan that you have in place for your home and family. As a result, the facts shared above about that modification to your home will be quite helpful. For more information, contact a business such as A One Heating & Air Conditioning.


26 April 2017

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