Steps To Clear A Clogged Sink Drain


If pieces of food have accidentally gone down the drain, your sink may be backing up each time that you do dishes. This matter can become worse if left unattended. Clean the pipe out that is located underneath your sink to correct the problem. After you are finished, your plumbing will work the proper way as long as you continue to be careful and prevent foreign materials from entering the pipes.

Use These Items

  • wrench
  • bucket
  • rubber gloves
  • garden hose
  • wire brush
  • flashlight
  • plastic tarp
  • salt and water solution
  • vinegar and water solution
  • rag

Remove The Pipe 

Lay a plastic tarp underneath the sink. Place a bucket directly under the P-trap. This pipe is the one that is bent at an unusual angle. The purpose for this shape is to prevent sewer gases from entering your home. Loosen the nuts on the pipe with a wrench. If the nuts are extra tight, get a good grip on the wrench by putting on a pair of rubber gloves before trying to loosen them. Once the nuts have turned a couple times, finish loosening them by hand. Carefully pull the pipe down and empty the contents into a bucket.

Clean The Pipe

Take the pipe outside to give it a thorough cleaning. Scrub the ends with a wire brush. Shine a flashlight through the pipe to determine if any foreign materials are stuck on the sides. Use a garden hose to clean out the interior. Adjust the nozzle so that it will provide strong water pressure when you are using it. Once the pipe is cleaned out, line it up and reattach it to the adjacent pipes. Insert the nuts and twist them by hand. Finish tightening them with a wrench.

Freshen Up Your Sink

Pour a mixture of salt and water down the sink's drain to eliminate odors. Clean the basin of the sink out with a few teaspoons of vinegar mixed with water. Use a rag to remove any residue. Be careful about any items that you place in your sink so that they don't accidentally go down the drain. Place a sink strainer in your sink and be sure to use it each time you do dishes. It will prevent items from accidentally going down the drain. Keep your sink clean when you are not using it. All of these steps will protect your plumbing and prevent you from having to make repairs.


11 December 2014

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